Fusion 360 Keyboard Design

Altered Minidox Case

I’m learning about keyboard design, 3D modelling and printing techniques. Starting out with a tiny board seems like a good idea: it’s smaller to print and iterate on. Thus, I’ve spent some time creating my own variant of the Minidox, made by That Canadian.

It will be a handwired build, meaning I won’t yet design a PCB for it. The keyboard will feature:

  • An extra key;
  • Two holes for M6 bolts, allowing the keyboard to be tented;
  • Three status LEDs for things such as numlock and capslock;
  • A partly transparant middle layer that allows for LED underglow;
  • A mounted USB breakout board to provide some more rigidity than the standard Pro Micro USB port.

I’ll post a build log when I get all parts printed and assembled.