Fusion 360 Keyboard Design

Minidox acrylic cases

I designed a high- and a low profile case which I’ll be selling in an upcoming group buy.

While I designed 3D printed cases so far, I opted to go with acrylic for these cases. Since it’s a group buy, I’d like to sell more than a couple cases, and I wasn’t too keen on the idea of printing them myself. Intrigued by the various colors and the possibilities for underglow while still remaining easy to assemble, I set out to learn more about designing acrylic cases.

The low profile case consists of six layers of 3mm acrylic. I haven’t decided on the color scheme yet, though the prototype is being made in matte black and fluorescent yellow.

I’ll have a prototype being made which should arrive at my place soon, so you’ll be able to see the low-profile case in a real photo instead of in a render soon!

The back of the case features cutouts for the USB and TRRS jacks, while the reset button is reachable through a small hole at the bottom of the case (not pictured).

There’ll be more news to follow about this group buy. You can follow this blog through RSS or via Discord to receive updates on availability.